Figure Drawing Journal Week 2

POST-­‐IT-­‐NOTES: 10 faces Drawings

HPSC0678 copy 2 HPSC0678 copy 3 HPSC0678 copy 4 HPSC0678 copy 5 HPSC0678 copy HPSC0679 copy 2 HPSC0679 copy 3 HPSC0679 copy 4 HPSC0679 copy 5 HPSC0679 copy

Drawings of people

BookScanStation-2014-01-31-10-06-08-AM_Page_1 BookScanStation-2014-01-31-10-06-08-AM_Page_2

Tutorials of how to draw the human form

How to draw the human figure – Figure Drawing – Learn to Draw

Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction – Elfwood

Figure Drawing Basics | Donald Simpson –

Stick Figures, Drawing the Head, Loomis Method – Creative Comic Art

Muscles of the head

Print1-anatomy-of-human-face-muscles-stocktrek-imagesweb anatomy-of-human-face-muscles-stocktrek-imagesweb

Bone and muscle study: neck, clavicle and rib cage. clavicle1318357748999web768px-Pectoral_girdle_front_diagram_nan.svgweb 756148821994824564824644webshoulder-blade-clavicle-1web1111_Posterior_and_Side_Views_of_the_Neckfig neck decay-RecoveredwebMuscles_of_the_Neckweb deltoid-muscle-diagramweb

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